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Program Starter 2.0.2

An easy and small tool designed to help you starting of your favorite or often used applications.

Published by:
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista

Your products are displayed in categories and can be started with just one single click.

Add, modify or delete programs with a context menu or just drag & drop the EXE file of the new programs to the desired category.

So why yet another program starter application? Whats special about it? - easier and faster to use: it even recognizes many applications automatically at the first program start. This way you don't have to add them yourself. - the list of all your favorite applications is stored in one single file that can be easily backed up or quickly copied to another PC directly out of the program menu. - you can easily restore the list of your frequently used applications after reinstalling of Windows by restoring one single configuration file. - after you have reinstalled Windows you can find out easily which of your favorite applications are still missing: the icons of missing files are displayed as a red cross. - the list of your often used applications can be splitted into different categories. - drag & drop makes it very easy and fast to add new programs. - Integrated help system. - Automatic program updates (deactivation is possible). - Multilingual (at the moment English and German). - Intuitive program interface. - Free e-mail support in case of problems or questions. - All updates for free.


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