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TaskMap Lite 3.2.5

file size: 16.26 MB

TaskMap Lite draws on the five-year heritage of TaskMap Standard and TaskMap Professional but is available at no cost.

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7 / XP / 2003 / Vista

And it even includes FREE self-paced training. We are confident you will find TaskMap Lite to be the most effective means to document, communicate and improve your business processes.

Most process documentation tools are bogged down by complex methodologies and software systems that require highly-trained experts. Not TaskMap Lite. TaskMap Lite uses only six symbols and an easy-to-use methodology that removes the mystery from creating effective and usable process maps. Extensive help text with hundreds of screen shots makes it easy to learn new tips and techniques.

Experienced process mapping specialists will appreciate the sophisticated features of TaskMap Lite that allow them to do their work more quickly hyperlinking, drill down, interlinked maps, creation of custom templates these features and more make creating maps a breeze.

And instead of merely being a picture of your process, a hyperlinked TaskMap is the means by which people complete their work. A TaskMap becomes the dashboard or navigation tool for taking action in the process.

The true value of a process map is measured by how well it communicates process information to one or more audiences. For hundreds of organizations worldwide, TaskMap has proven to be the most effective way to communicate process information. You can share TaskMaps with any Visio user, or publish them as interconnected web pages so anyone with a web browser can learn about and take action in your processes.

TaskMap Lite combines iconic and textual information in a unique, compact format that conveys process information in the most efficient manner possible.