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CometBird 3.0.10

file size: 7.86 MB

CometBird is a totally free software with superior speed and perforamce.

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98 / 2003 / Vista
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The upgraded version has many advantages both in performace and privacy protection.

Bookmarks Auto-synchronizer makes it truth for you to use a same bookmarks collection anytime and anywhere; Thousands of customization options are available for you make CometBird at your own style; Powerful security and privacy protection techniques produces a clear browsering environment for you; Intelligent password manager and smart adreess bar saves your time and improve the webpage view speed! CometBirds has the following features:

Online Bookmarks Be upset for inable to use your own bookmark collection on different computers or different browsers? CometBirds free you from this trouble. CometBird bookmark synchronizer makes all your bookmarks keep consistent anytime and anywhere!

Online Video Download With CometBird, you can download any video/audio/flash you like to your computer. You only need to right-click the video that is playing, CometBird will save the selected file to your local disk.

Superior Performace The page-loading speed is greatly improved by opening new page in a new tab instead of new widow, which saves much of your computer memory and disk space.

Much Safer Anti-virus software, Pop-up blocker, one-click clearing private data, anti-malware and customized security settings etc, all these techniques are applied to assure you a safe and secure browsing environment.