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Red Button PVR 1.40

RedButton Software is a Linux-based shareware package.


It gives the user the ability to record high quality high definition TV directly from a standard high definition cable box to a computer over a 1394 cable (also known as FireWire or i.LINK). This is intended for use on Windows-based computers.

Many other systems which allow content to be recorded on a computer require additional devices. With RedButton, all that is required is a high definition cable box with a working 1394 port, a computer with a 1394 port, and the RedButton software. While RedButton is running, the computer becomes a PVR, and has the ability to schedule programs to be recorded at a future time. When the RedButton software is not running, the computer is returned to its original state and functions normally.

Complete instructions for using RedButton are contained in the Release Notes.

The RedButton software is free to distribute and use.

No warranty is provided by anyone, and the user assumes all responsibility for its use.


A .iso file burner such as infrarecorder on your PC :