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RedQueenTen 1.1

file size: 1.63 MB

RedQueenTen is a next generation graphical dashboard and analysis tool for online poker players.

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Me / XP / Vista
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The software has a full range of graphical performance indicators using standard traffic light symbols. Each indicator's color codes represent the areas best for maximizing profit and areas to avoid. They were derived from a rigorous statistical analysis of over 400,000 online plays. The dashboard provides 3 key pieces of information - best practice in line with professional player standards; - sliders indicating the user's performance during an online session; - and sliders indicating overall performance. During an online session, the software allows the user to monitor his performance and his opponents' performance to the same degree of detail. During a critical play, knowing your opponent's strengths and weaknesses can make that vital difference. The product stores past plays which enables it to warn of the presence of sharks and fish in real time. A fast import facility is included to read in and store past historical games, your own or third party purchases. Full customization is built in to change or fine tune the major parameters of this product.