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Hackers of 2073 1.0

file size: 32.97 MB

Hackers of 2073 is a game that tests the skills of hacker: logic, language, and a little dexterity.

Published by:
2k / XP / Vista

-> Play as a hacker or technomage, each with its own abilities -> Navigate a series of networks using "Minesweeper"-like logic -> Avoid objects trying to stop you! * Daemon * Proximity Intrusion Countermeasures (ProxIC) * Black Intrusion Countermeasures (BlackIC) -> Use a variety of programs to assist in navigation including * Area Bombs which reveal an area around you, * Runs which reveal long paths and nearby Proximity IC, * Sprites which help you solve the network, and * IC Break which kills IC. -> Solve 20 puzzles in 6 categories to access the final challenge * Image Pass: a rebus puzzle, * Pattern: a unique pattern-recoginition game, * Network Link: find a wire loop using logic, * Dual Snakes: determine a path of numbers and letters, * Phrase Pass: a classic hangman game, and * Final Key: collect all the data to get 1 of 4 keys. -> Custom difficulties allow you to tailor the game to your skills and likes. -> Complete the final challenge to destroy the 4 of the greatest threats to 2073! * Run around a unique circular grid to avoid Black and Proximity IC. * Collect keys and try them at various critical portions to deactive them * Deliver a virus to the final area in the Data Stream controller and win the game!


1GB RAM recommended 3D Video Card with 256MB RAM DirectX 7+