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AlphaPeeler Professional 1.1

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AlphaPeeler is a powerful tool for learning cryptology.

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It can be useful as an instructors teaching aid and to create assignments for classical cryptography. Students can easily learn classical techniques such as frequency analysis of alphabets, mono-alphabetic substitution, Caesar cipher and transposition cipher. AlphaPeeler Professional (powered by crypto++ library) also includes DES, Gzip/Gunzip, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RIPEMD-16, RSA key generation, RSA crypto, RSA signature & validation, and generation of secret share files.

AlphaPeeler started as an effort to solve a mono-alphabetic substitution cipher in 1997. This cipher was given as a class assignment during cryptography course. Later on efforts were carried on to include all possible classical ciphers. Its vision and development was initiated by Abdul-Rahman Mahmood at the Department of Computer Engineering, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology - Karachi (Pakistan).

AlphaPeeler was first developed in June 1998, and it had most of the famous classical ciphers. It was developed on windows platform to enable users to visually understand cryptology. While designing AlphaPeelers first stable version, special efforts were carried out in design for visual aids such as keyboard layout, charts, visually shifting of alphabets so that students can visualize whats happening behind the scene with ciphertext. In late 90s AlphaPeeler was the first effort in developing educational cryptology tool with excellent visualization such as crypto keyboard and many more GUI based tools using windows platform.

AlphaPeeler development team is very thankful to thank Dr. William Stallings for sparing his valuable time for suggestions and improvement in AlphaPeeler. He took interest in the software since almost its inception. After receiving his reply on email, in 2001, the team felt new energy and started improvements with a broader vision. Along with his moral support, Dr William Stallings took keen interest for AlphaPeelrs online manual and interactive tutorials. His participation has finally made it a valuable tool for both students and instructors.