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iLingual 1.2.3

file size: 2.50 MB

This software is used to help localize applications.

Published by:
10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / OS X / 10.7

The official tool for localization is AppleGlot, but it's hard to understand and use. I wanted to use something more Mac-like...easier and more efficient, so I made this program.

Main features

Easy to use. To start a basic localization project, all you have to do is drag in a file or application.

Seamless handling of .nib, .plist, and .strings files.

If you want to update a previous localization for a new version of an application, you only have localize what's changed or new.

The program has a dictionary function, so you don't have to keep retranslating the same phrases over and over.