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Daves Trails Web

file size: 38.24 MB

Daves Trails is a SIMPLE but Very Unique little puzzle game.

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Nothing fancy, but Excellent if you are the puzzle solving type. You basically just have to put colored tiles together to complete a trail on a 7 X 7 tile grid. It looks simple, is very easy to learn, but it will slowly addict you if you are the puzzle solving type of person. It was optimized for WinXP 1024 X 768 display but should work as low as 800 X 600. It is window scalable so you can leave it running on your desktop while you do other things. You can even let it running Minimized. And yes it also has a save feature so that you can save the game before you close it. (If running Vista, you have to run as administrator for the Save Feature to work) This is the FREE Web version of Daves Trails due to upload limitations. All 47 levels will still work fine, but the background resolutions are lowered. Also some of the music files were deleted so you will notice songs repeating (If, of course, you even want the music on in the 1st place) Download and give it a try. You have nothing to lose but a little time. (It's almost a 38 Megabyte Download!) LOL>>>You'd be surprised how many people have written us and said: "We just wanted to try 'One More Level' before we quit". Hope it brings you a few weeks of puzzle solving fun. BTW>>>Because of many request, We added a counter which will keep track of how long it takes you to solve the 47 levels of puzzles....9-19-2009