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SwiftCompare lite 1.3

file size: 2.92 MB

SwiftCompare lite is a free file compare and merge tool for Windows.

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7 / 98 / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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Use SwiftCompare lite to compare files, folders, drives, computers, and merge/synchronize the differences between them. SwiftCompare lite is a light (and free) version of SwiftCompare, and is useful for business people, programmers, testers, system administrators, people working on multiple PCs, or just about any average user. Business people can use it to find latest copy of the contract; Programmers/Developers will have an easy time finding the changes made to a large code/program; System administrators will find backing up the system and restoring the incremental backup (just in case!) a piece of cake. For those working on multiple PCs, it is important to have the latest copy of their work on each of the PC, which can be easily accomplished using the synchronization function of SwiftCompare lite. And if you use your PC for work, for preparing your monthly budget, as a music player, vacation photos' storage, comic reader etc., then sooner or later you'll feel the need of organizing your files, which is what SwiftCompare lite can help you accomplish with no hassles at all.