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TinyPiano 0.81e

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TinyPiano turns your computer keyboard into an Electronic Piano with 43 keys formed in two rows.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
Tickling the virtual ivories with TinyPiano
Cheryl takes a look at TinyPiano, a small software synthesizer for Windows.

It gives 15 tones max. simultaneously, fine pitch tunable and a metronome function. This program may run on any WinXX machine with a MIDI driver. It is so tiny that you can take it anywhere on a single floppy! 1. Tiny. Only 24K bytes. Developed with C language and Win32API. 2. Simultaneously plays 15 tones max. The number of keys detected which are pressed simultaneously is limited by the keyboard hardware. 3. Record and replay functions. 4. Output in a MIDI format available. 5. Transposition(Shift in a piano keyboard) function. 6. Fine pitch tunable. You may accompany a baroque flute ^o^. 7. Metronome function(with M.M-Light). 8. Key-assign remapable.