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Deductions 1.0

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Deductions is educational software designed to help students learn proofs in formal logic.

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It is intended to be used by instructors and students of college-level logic courses in philosophy, mathematics and computer science. It gives immediate feedback at each stage of a proof, provides hints about how to complete proofs, and comes with a set of video tutorials that explain and review several challenging concepts in logic.

Deductions aims to solve the three problems that make proofs the most difficult component of formal logic courses: not knowing whether rules are applied correctly, getting stuck in the middle of a proof, and uncertainty about the rules and strategies. Deductions addresses these issues by flagging errors, including a hint engine to make suggestions about how to complete a proof, and having multimedia tutorials to help students through complex rules.

Main features:

1. Deductions flags errors in proofs as soon as they occur.

2. Deductions provides hints about how to complete proofs.

3. Deductions comes with a set of multimedia tutorials.

4. Deductions is designed to work with many different logic systems and textbooks.

5. Deductions leverages the technologies of Mac OS X to provide a clean user interface, drag-and-drop support, and a comprehensive help system.