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VideoOverIP 1.0

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VideoOverIP from VDIworks is a high performance remote desktop solution for both virtual and physical PCs.

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If you use VNC or RDP today and are not satisfied with the capabilities and speed, VideoOverIP might be a perfect alternative for you. VideoOverIP provides the following capabilities:

1) Display, input and audio remoting - you can see your PC, control it via keyboard and mouse and hear its sound output when you connect from a remote laptop or desktop

2) Audio input remoting - not only can you hear the sound being generated by the remote system, but VideoOverIP can also redirect your local mic so applications running on the remote system, like VoIP phones, recording apps and others can 'hear' you. Neither RDP, nor VNC do this.

3) Multi-monitor support - VideoOverIP can support multiple displays. If your remote VM has more than one virtual graphics adaptor, or if the remote physical computer (e.g. your office PC) has two displays, VideoOverIP will redirect both of them to your local laptop, home PC or thin client.

4) True, high-speed performance - on a 10/100 Mbps network, you can play full screen DVD quality, full-motion video with no hiccups! A feat RDP or VNC do not even come close to. Even in over-the-WAN scenarios, VideoOverIP supports user-defined compression to deliver superior performance to to other remoting solutions.

5) Transparency - VideoOverIP supports hot keys that allow the remote desktop to become transparent so you can "peer through" and peek at the local desktop. Handy when you're following the progress of a remote application but want to do work locally. Keep your eye on a semi-transparent remote window while continuing to work locally!

6) Support for DirectX apps - VideoOverIP has a mode that allows you to support DirectX application remoting. Simply turn off the mirror driver and VideoOverIP will remote apps that use this technology.

So try VideoOverIP today and see why its remote computing done right!