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Family Health Care Manager 1.40

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Family Health Care Manager (FHCM) can help you manage all aspects of your familys medical conditions and expenses.

Trial Period:
30 Days
7 / XP / Vista

Know exactly what you owe to providers, what your insurance company owes you, and which claims you need to submit. FHCMs innovative dashboard view tells you at a glance the status of all your medical finances and benefits, and lets you quickly see exactly which visits you need to submit and which youre waiting for your insurer to process. Track your deductibles and see if youve reached your out of pocket maximum. Know at a glance how many physical therapy visits you have left. Youll save money by tracking medical bills, reimbursements, payments, and tax deductions. FHCM can save you time and reduce stress by helping you keep all your information organized.

Record, analyze, and generate reports on your familys medical history, medical expenses, and insurance activities. Track medical provider visits, personal medical observations, insurance claims, explanation of benefit statements (EOBs), symptoms, conditions, medications, treatment, diagnosis and procedure codes, lab results, physical exams, services, insurance plans, and flexible spending plans (FSAs).