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TK8 StickyNotes 3.0

file size: 3.70 MB

TK8 StickyNotes is a free software application to put notes on to your desktop Don't waste your money to buy another set of paper stickies.

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2k / XP / Vista
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Packed with useful features, TK8 post it notes software is a far better solution than paper stickies on your monitor. TK8 sticky notes software is very easy to use and has features your paper notes will never have. For example you can hide your notes when you need the full desktop area and show them again when you need them. With just one click. Your notes are tied to your desktop. When using other programs, they don't disturb you. Of course, you can pin a note to stay on top of all other applications and un-pin it when it doesn't require your special attention any more. Changing note colors and font styles is a snap. It's really easy to make your notes to look good. In case you have many notes or just want to organize and group them, you can add tags to your notes. With just few clicks you can then bring up notes having specific tags only. Advanced users can benefit from many additional features like password protected notes, reminders, printing, integrated e-mailing, keyboard shortcuts, etc.