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Lockfox 1.2

file size: 108.61 MB

A secure and portable browser, Lockfox combines Firefox and encryption technology to provide a safe browsing experience whether youre on a WiFi hotspot, public computer or any time youre surfing and want to ensure your information is protected.

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10 Minutes
7 / XP / 2003 / Vista
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Lockfox is a secure and portable internet browser, for users who want to ensure their private information is protected from identity thieves. Lockfox incorporates the Firefox browser along with the latest in privacy and security enhancements. Lockfox bypasses censored networks while your private data is protected by a secure, encrypted tunnel through the Lockfox network. Additionally, Lockfox acts as a WiFi shield, securing otherwise unsecured or open WiFi networks. Lockfox runs isolated from the PC and leaves no memory of your internet browsing on the computer.

Lockfox is available as a single file download which requires no installation and zero configuration. Simply run the software from any computer or a USB flash drive. When youre done browsing, close Lockfox and your entire browsing session is deleted.

Perfect for Internet surfing on open networks or public computers, Lockfox protects your private data providing you with a safe browsing experience whether you are using a credit card online, checking corporate email, or using Facebook.