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TagTeam 0.2

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TagTeam is a file cataloging tool that allows a user to associate a series of words and phrases with files on their hard disk.

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Subsequent searches can then be performed using these tags as an advanced search criteria.

While there are many applications currently available that can do this, TagTeam takes a different approach to storing data. Instead of using a central database to associate data with files, tags are stored with the file as part of the 'filesystem metadata'. There are several advantages to using a system like this; most notably the fact that independently changing the name, changing the location, copying, moving, renaming, etc. will not compromise the tag data on files.

While there are certain limitations to this system (please see the website), TagTeam provides a uniquely versatile system for storing file tags, capable of leveraging the power of your file system. This, coupled with a powerful query language makes TagTeam a great choice for your searching and cataloging needs.