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Uniboard 4.5.b.3

file size: 39.78 MB

Uniboard is the new software for presenting and teaching on Tablet PCs and Interactive Whiteboards.

Published by:
10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / OS X

Uniboard features:

- Super-simplicity of use: Uniboard has a streamlined UI specifically designed for the interactive pen. Uniboards UI looks like a whiteboard, not like complex software. - Integrated web browser: web pages can be displayed, magnified and integrated into slides, and the Web can be searched for content directly from Uniboard, even while presenting. - Apps: Uniboard Apps provide interactive web content and new functionalities to Uniboard. The latest available Apps can be found in an integrated online library. - Universality: Uniboard is compatible with all brands of Interactive Whiteboards, and also works with any pen device such as a Tablet PC or graphics tablet. - Podcasting: an innovative combination of pen, screen and audio recording makes the creation of videos for online teaching or presentation extremely easy.