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Use getTube to download videos from sites like

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More than 600,000 users around the world use getTube to download videos from sites like, and others, including national sites such as While most software downloads category allows a Pequel relationship sites, getTube out in front and offers support to download more than 60 sites in their free version and more than 230 sites in the Ultimate Edition, and as if this were not enough , you have a lot of choices of formats to convert the downloaded videos. He is currently the only category of software can download videos from in HD (High Definition), and also the one that converts to AMV (format used in a vast majority of devices MP4). Compare and see the difference!

GetTube The team is committed to offer you the best free download manager videos available, and we work day and night in the implementation of resources and improving the program.

Key Features

1. With getTube you can create a playlist of files that you want to download, and to terminate the program, that link you added is still there;

2. You can export a playlist of selected links to a local computer and import into another time;

3. Downloads Smart: Do not worry if you downloaded a file and deleted accidentally. Most software you download it again to return the file, but with the intelligent system downloads getTube Ultimate, if you try to download the same file again, it means that the file has been downloaded and makes only the conversion saving time and his band of internet;

4. How about choosing an output format for each file? With the Ultimate version of getTube you go adding the links and choose for each link a different output format