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Skype2OneNote 2.0

file size: 1.25 MB

Skype2OneNote is a Skype call recorder with full Microsoft OneNote integration.

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Trial Period:
30 Days
7 / NT / 2k / XP / Vista
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Skype2OneNote greatly extends a typical Skype call recorder from having simple audio files, nearly impossible to manage, to having a notebook filled with information regarding each call. In addition, OneNote will make all your calls searchable content. OneNote is highly recommended as a very powerful tool to organize your recorded conversations, and Skype2OneNote makes this possible. Calls can be saved to both folder, or directly imbedded in OneNote. Full selection of OneNote Notebook/Section/Page is available, along with the ability to create a new Page during the conversation. The user interface is designed to be very easy to use and understand. AudioMarks, included with Skype2OneNote, is a very unique and powerful feature which allows you to bookmark a point in a recorded conversation, adding a descriptive label. AudioMarks are then saved directly in OneNote. Simply clicking the AudioMark will then begin playback of the call at the marked point. With AudioMarks, you no longer have to search through long conversations for a specific piece of information. Skype2OneNote can be operated independently of OneNote as a completely FREE Skype call recorder. There is a free 30-day trial mode in which all features are completely enabled.