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StorThing stores, compresses and encrypts your files - multiple versions of them!

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7 / 2k / XP / Vista
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If you modify a lot of documents and want a safe, secure place to store these files StorThing is the perfect tool. StorThing is easy to use and can manage huge files. Adding new versions into an archive is as easy as clicking a button - even if your archive contains thousands of files. StorThing's compact foot print makes it easy to use on a Flash drive. And StorThing's encryption makes sure only you can see what you place in an archive. StorThing gives you instant access to any version stored. There's even a powerful built-in file viewer or you can use your own software to view files. StorThing uses advanced compression technology to squeeze files down to a fraction of their original size. StorThing is a great file backup tool for anyone who makes and uses files in Windows.