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nCodian Documenter Lite 1.0

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nCodian Documenter Lite generates Html Help from a .NET assembly's XML documentation comments file.

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7 / XP / Vista
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In its simplest use, click a single command, specify a single input file, and process all the way from XML to CHM. nCodian Documenter consumes and manipulates the XML documentation file. It generates three categories of output files. (1) A compiled Html Help file. This is the .chm file that is to be distributed with the assembly. (2) Html Help project files. These are the HHP, HHC, and HHK files. The HHP file is the basic project file for an Html Help project. The HHC file is the table of contents file. The HHK file is the index file. (3) The HTML files that the Html Help compiler uses as source files for each page of the .chm file. These include a page for each documented type and member in the assembly, types lists, all members lists, properties lists, methods lists, overloaded properties lists, overloaded methods lists, etc.