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Logicle Secretary

file size: 12.16 MB

Group your files and Outlook emails together.

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30 Days
2k / XP
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Search, organize and personalize your information. A desktop assistant designed to help you work better. Search, retrieve, preview and organize relevant files when and where you need them. Logicle Secretary allows you simple and clear access to critical information. By revolutionizing file organization methods, this efficient and effective tool (patent pending) will make file searching a breeze.

Search - The unique multiple keyword search function allows you greater flexibility in hunting down that elusive document or visual. Navigate your computer by entering as many keywords as you like. Then refine your search by either including more or excluding the existing ones with a few simple clicks. Specify other parameters and search within a search as well till you arrive at your destination.

Organize - You can re-organize your information by creating new preferred file structures and hierarchies, without messing with the originals. Have the same file under different task groupings without having to create actual duplicates.

Personalize - Logicle Secretary allows you to view all types of information (e.g. emails, documents, pictures, etc) on one single platform. This reduces the hassle of jumping from program to program when accessing related information. Increase work efficiency and streamline your information access.