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Sunshine Commander 0.5.1

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If you want an alternative to the command line manipulation of your file system, Sunshine Commander may be something you want to check out.

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Installation is simple. Just un-tar the file, run ./configure, make, and then make install. Launch the application at the command line with sc.

Check out some of the features in Sunshine Commander!

You can copy, move and remove files without the command line calls. All application functions are listed on the built-in help screen. Touch the F1 key, and a list will help guide you through usage. The author has included a basic editor that lets you edit files without an external editor. Tab completion is also implemented, which helps to reduce typing and typos when you're trying to call files. The program also has FTP support built-in for browsing the file trees of FTP sites.

This software is still in development, so not everything is working correctly. There are plans for improvement and new features, however.

The help system is pretty straightforward, but it could use a little more documentation on how the features work, especially for new Linux users.

Keep an eye on this one. There is more to come.