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BrowserExpress 5.03

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Tired of setting up your e-mail account on every computer you use?

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Would you like to be able to simply open a Web browser, log in and get your mail?

Browser Express may be the solution to your problem.

Installation of Browser Express is easy; just copy three files over to your CGI-capable Web server. After a little modification to the BrowserExpress.ini file, you should be able to check your mail on any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. No client software is needed.

The simple Web page interface allows you to send and receive text and binary attachments, gives you multiple language support, and is firewall-proxy and SSL-compliant.

You can also customize images and the interface, and integrate banner ads for corporate branding.

Although installationis simple, configuring by editing a text file can be a little tricky. This should not be a problem with experienced users, but it may cause problems for the rookie.