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Stop P-O-R-N 1.2.6

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P-O-R-N PATROL is a powerful software application used for blocking pornographic material.

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7 Days
7 / NT / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
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It will protect your family or classroom from inappropriate material on the Internet. If inappropriate material is detected the web browser will instantaneously shutdown the program that is displaying inappropriate material. P-O-R-N PATROL uses low CPU and memory resources. It adopts advanced interception techniques to scan web browsers and other application's contents in real time. P-O-R-N PATROL works with all web browsers.

To date, there are no other parental type filters that offer this broad range of protection.

P-O-R-N PATROL helps users keep their computer away from sexually questionable material online. It uses real-time interception technology to determine if the website is displaying pornographic material. If this material is present, it will abort the operation of the web browser. By doing this, there is no chance for the porn sites to launch consecutive pop-ups to reveal additional porn material. .

P-O-R-N PATROL was created due to the frustration of trying many applications that would filter out the wrong material or slow the browsing experience to a slow creep. Some of the applications would consistently have errors that would effectively result in a PC reboot to rectify the problem.

P-O-R-N PATROL was designed to work out of the box. The only thing a user needs to do, is install P-O-R-N PATROL and it will immediately start working for you. Due to the advanced technology used, the user does not have to configure anything. P-O-R-N PATROL can be shutdown by double-clicking on an icon located in the icon tray. P-O-R-N PATROL can not be shutdown until the correct password is supplied. This password will be entered by you at the first start-up of P-O-R-N PATROL. It is important that you write this information down. There is also the option to do a password change if needed.

P-O-R-N PATROL also offers the option to NOT allow popular P2P filing sharing software to launch. The following P2P applications that can be selected to not start are: Limewire, Kazza, Ares, Frostwire, MyP2P, and BearShare.

P-O-R-N PATROL has many methods to deter the computer user from shutting it down. Upon launch of P-O-R-N PATROL the task manager is disabled so that a user can not circumvent P-O-R-N PATROL and shut it down. The task manager can always be enabled by shutting down P-O-R-N PATROL by entering the correct password.

The second methods of protection are multiple password protections. P-O-R-N PATROL requires that a password be used to shut it down and to change any options

The third method is binary encryption of the application itself. The method used to determine if sites are inappropriate is encapsulated in the application itself. There is no external file used by P-O-R-N PATROL, so there is absolutely no chance of tampering. To this point, all parental filters thus far are using external files to read from. This is a huge security hole. Someone could open this file and edit it's contents, thus letting inappropriate material to be displayed on the screen.

P-O-R-N PATROL was engineered to stop the display of porn material, but at the same time allow appropriate material to be displayed. This technology is proprietary to PB Software, LLC. PB Software LLC. is dedicated to making the Internet safe for families and schools alike.