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Gaia Family Tree 1.1.2

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User-friendly Windows software to create, print, and share great looking family trees.

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7 / XP / Vista
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Manage a family history project online and collaborate with other leading genealogy software applications using standard file format GEDCOM.

Gaia Family Tree (TM) was conceived with the intention of creating innovative, easy-to-use and fun genealogy software that is accessible to consumers around the globe. Our goal is to enrich the process of managing your family tree by offering you the simplest tool to chart your progress. We want to share our experience and expertise to help you discover your family history.

Create your Family Tree

There are many advantages to exploring your family history with Gaia Family Tree:

  • Gather information using global genealogy standards
  • Make your family tree accessible and secure
  • Get access to valuable online research tools and tips
  • Obtain customer support by phone or e-mail

Gaia Family Tree is GEDCOM Format Compatible

Import previously-created family tree information from other software applications supporting the GEDCOM format.

You can also share your family tree with other family members by exploring it using the following formats:

  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • HTML

View an Existing Family Tree

Gaia Family Tree allows you to view your family tree in three different diagrams:

  • Complete View
  • Linear View
  • Pedigree View

You can also print your family tree in any of these view options.

Create your Gaia Family Tree Online Account

Gaia Family Tree allows you to manage and access your family tree online.

This also allows you to secure and backup your family tree information from Gaia Family Tree.

Gaia Family Tree 2010 Edition - trial version

Enjoy all the functions of the full version with no purchase obligation for 14 days