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SmartSys Monitor 1

file size: 1.15 MB

SmartSys Monitor is a freeware utility designed by team to provide you with a bird eye view of the system resources in a visually appealing form with information continuously refreshing to reflect the real time information.

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7 / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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SmartSys Monitor Features:

* Track unlimited hard disk drives. * Track unlimited Network Adapters. * Easy to use interface.

SmartSys Monitor Benefits:

* Easy to diagnose and troubleshoot your PC. * A good friend to non technical users to see at a glance System Information. * Know when to do what to speed your PC. * Save money by troubleshooting and fixing the problem yourself, than taking it to the technicians. * Know when to update drivers and upgrade hardware such as RAM, Had disk, network adapters, CPU and monitor. you can free download SmartSys Monitor 1.0 now.