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Rank Tracker Professional 6.15

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Tired of looking for a perfect keyword tracker that actually works and does everything you need it to?

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Try Rank Tracker - world's #1 keyword tool by Link-Assistant.Com. Not only does this top-of-the-line SEO software check ranking in 314 search engines, but also suggests keywords using 19 different methods of keyword research and helps you pick the highest-paying keywords in a snap! However, what makes it that special? See for yourself. Do you need to know exactly what SERPs your target clientele will see in China or Australia? But you yourself are in the US? No prob! Rank Tracker can disguise your queries as if coming from the country of your choice using Google's gl parameter! Are you optimizing websites for Shopping, Places or Images? Guess what, Rank Tracker will track rankings separately in each section of Universal Search! See your "normal" SERPs rank and your Universal Search ranks displayed side by side! Need to keep an eye on competitors? This leading-edge SEO tool does that, too! Track up to 5 competing sites in one project, build visual progress graphs and compare rankings at ease. Going on vacation next week? No need to look for anyone to cover for you - leave it up to Rank Tracker! Schedule rankings checks and progress graph generation and take a flight to the Bahamas. On top of that, no need to worry about interrupted queries or Google blocks! The SEO tool is equipped with multiple search safety features, such as human emulation, proxy rotation and uses a reliable anti-CAPTCHA service to make sure your queries are never stopped! Still in doubt? Try it out! Get a free copy of Rank Tracker today and run it on Windows, Linux or Mac. Hit "Download".