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Rank Tracker Professional 7.2.6

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Check site rankings for hundreds of keywords in just minutes?

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Get thousands of keyword ideas in a hit? Rank Tracker can do that! Rank Tracker by Link-Assistant.Com is award-winning SEO software (hot-new interface design!) that lets you all sorts of keyword- related tasks: - Get suggested thousands of highest-paying keywords in the niche; - Pick the most profitable keywords by looking at their KEI (keyword efficiency index) calculated by Rank Tracker; - See where you site ranks for your target keywords in 314 search engines (the app finds multiple pages that rank for one and the same keyword, too!); - Disguise your queries as if coming to Google from a specific location (say, Canada, Australia or any other country); - Track rankings separately for different sections of Universal Search (Images, News, Blogs, etc.); - Build historical rankings progress graphs; - Track competitor rankings side by side with yours, and more! Besides, Rank Tracker is 100% search engine-friendly SEO software, since it uses multiple search safety mechanisms (human emulation, proxy rotation, etc.) to avoid work interruptions and blocks. And, the convenient scheduler feature allows you to perform most tasks virtually hand-free. Still thinking? Think no more - get this revolutionary SEO tool risk-free today - begin your trial now!