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Nodoka 4.26

file size: 4.90 MB

Nodoka is shareware to remap your keyboard.

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Trial Period:
30 Minutes
7 / 2k / XP / Vista / 8

You can to change key binding. For example, CapsLock key can be disabled, CapsLock key to change Contorol key, Some key combination when you press any keys or inputs to be different, Modifier key benefit of creating a new is possible. You can edit the configuration file, you can set them. The configuration file is text file. It name is dot.nodoka. Nodoka use digital signed device driver. However, Nodoka same time, you can not use the same keyboard utility program. These utility programs, Logitec SetPoint and others. The detection and during the installation, installer is stop. In that case, Please uninstall the keybaord filter driver use softwares. How to install: Please run nodoka-4.12_sample_setup.exe or nodoka-4.12_setup.exe. and check the check box as Create shortcut in your &Startup Menu. If no check it, do not run at windows start. How to customize your key binding:Please, Click Right-Mouse-Button at tasktray"s Nodoka icon. and select Setting... then open Edit Settings dialog. Please, Select (from home directory) and Click Edit File Button. Then open dialog a "May I copy a setting file to home directory?", Please Click Yes button. You can show the dot.nodoka file. this is configuration file. You can add last line at # Your setting is here. for Example, You type there. key CapsLock = &Ignore[Enter] and save the file. And Please click reload button at Setting dialog. Your keyboard CapsLock as ignore, now.