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Krusader 1.0

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Krusader is a new "old-school" file manager that requires KDE2.

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Its twin-panel look follows in the footsteps of the great file managers of old: GNU's Midnight Commander and the DOS all-time favorite, the Norton Commander.

In short, Krusader is all about easily managing your files.

Krusader has complete drag-and-drop capability and mime-type support. You can copy, delete and move multiple files with the click of a button or a single keystroke, even inside tar.gz files.

Each file shows the effective permissions for the current user. Editing of the file permissions is simple; just right click and select properties.

Another feature of Krusader is Mount Man, the built-in mount manager. Just click on the Mount Man icon, and a list of your mountable file systems and devices is displayed.

Each entry shows file system type, the mount point, both the total and used sizes, and whether the device or file system is mounted.

If you want to mount or unmount one of these entries, just click on the entry and select "mount" or "un-mount" from the menu.

Krusader offers a simple way to do a lot of different file management tasks. I recommend that you check it out.


    KDE2 Kleopatra