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Web+, Professional Edition 4.6

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Installation of Web+ is simple.

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Just run ./, choose your OS and follow the directions.

You will need to have MySQL or Postgres installed, and you'll need the password for the database. But everything will install where it is supposed to. Then all you'll have to do is launch your browser and go to http:///webplus/index.htm. Now you've got the Web+ interface.

There are many example programs, and documentation is available to download in PDF format. Also, a step-by-step tutorial in the Web interface is available to help teach you how things work.

Web+ applications are written in Web+ Markup Language (WML), a scripting language based on the Basic programming language and HTML. This allows for the rapid and easy creation of highly functional Web pages that integrate with databases, file systems, e-mail, Java applets, legacy applications, executable programs, dynamic-link libraries and shared objects on many different operating systems.

Web+ also has Web-based access to administrator functions. Some of these include Logging/Debugging, Mail Configuration, File I/O and Datasources. All of these and more are available remotely from any Web browser.

In addition to the easy installation, the program features database integration, so that dynamic and interactive Web pages can be designed quickly and easily - without having to resort to CGI.

This may be an easy way to get a site up, without having to hit the books to learn the ropes.