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Goona Browser

file size: 26.30 MB

Goona Browser is a free, opensource and fully standards-compilant web browser, released under the GNU General Public License 3.

Trial Period:
7 / XP / Vista

Includes many features such as a very powerful download manager and Dual-engine (allows you to choose which engine is going to show you the webpages: Gecko or WebKit). Goona Browser's Gecko mode is so standards-compilant (JavaScript, CSS, etc.) and so faster as Mozilla Firefox 3.6.

Goona Browser has a Setup Center where you can define how do you want Goona Browser to look and act.

The download manager included isn't a standalone application, but a powerful multi-segmented download manager (comparable with the most known download managers currently available) that runs in a tab inside Goona Browser.

As a small detail, it also integrates with twitter letting you share any page and post tweets directly from the Goona Browser window, without needing to open any other tabs.

Goona Browser is also interesting for web designers because of the already mentioned dual-engine (test your sites in two browsers without needing to switch applications), but it also includes a somewhat simple WYSIWYG editor (which allows you to create new pages based on already existing pages), and a JavaScript console, as well as the traditional "View page's source code function".

Since version Goona Browser has an interface with Windows Aero effects (which will be visible if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Aero theme enabled), and a more complete First Run Wizard that makes easier for new users to set up Goona Browser the way they like. this First Run Wizard is able to import your favorites from existing browsers.