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Pervasive Data Parser for Btrieve 9.2.1

file size: 170.01 MB

The Data Parser for Btrieve can be used to parse virtually any fixed-length Btrieve data file, and export the data to a CSV text data file.

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2k / XP / Vista

So, whether you have a Btrieve DDF or need to manually define the records and fields of virtually any Btrieve data file, and convert the data into a CSV Text format that can be imported into almost any application, the Pervasive Data Parser for Btrieve is the tool for you.

There are countless applications, including accounting, point-of-sale, manufacturing, and medical / healthcare, that utilize Btrieve as the record manager. Some examples are: Macola Accounting, Solomon Accounting, and Platinum for Windows Accounting. Use the Data Parser for Btrieve when you need to extract data records from any of those applications - and many others - and import that data into a different application.

The Pervasive Data Parser for Btrieve supports the following data file formats:

* Btrieve v5 * Btrieve v6 * Btrieve v7 * Btrieve v8

The Pervasive Data Parser for Btrieve supports the following dictionary file formats:

* Btrieve DDF (Data Dictionary File)

A 90-day license subscription for the Pervasive Data Parser for Btrieve is FREE! Additional Pervasive DataTools products for data conversion, data migration, data parsing, data extraction, data joining, data analysis, and data loading are available at:, and on this download site.