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FDesk e-Publisher 4.2

file size: 9.81 MB

FDesk e-Publisher converts your static PDF files into flip page/turn page publications in minutes.

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7 / XP / Vista

You can also create a flip album by importing a series of image files.

You are not tied to the other's servers and per-pages costs. All files are stored on your computer independantly. Posting FDesk project on any server is files copying.

Anyone can do e-publication by importing a PDF file, converting it, previewing and finalizing it. You can interactively customize the backdrop, logo, preloader, background music, flip sound, viewer for your own branding.

Automatic search index creation, scrap, bookmark, document view, custom TOC, text extract, auto-flip show, full screen, reverse page-turn, vertical page-turn, and other long list of features are fully integrated.

Two free publishing tickets are included for your evaluation. You can buy as many as tickets you need, or 6/12-months license for unlimited and unconditional publications.

Create a flip magazine, catalog, newsletter, newspaper or brochure, personal photo album for web site host, e-mail or CD distribution.