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Anime Studio Debut for Windows 7.0

Whether you're a digital enthusiast, a newcomer to animation, or if you want to create art for work or fun, Anime Studio provides what you need to create your own animations faster than anything else available!

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30 Days
7 / XP / Vista
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Anime Studio Debut, the fun, quick and affordable 2D animation software solution, includes everything aspiring artists and hobbyists need to create and share quality cartoons, movies, anime and cut out animations from start to finish. Anime Studio simplifies the animation process, empowering artists to design their projects faster and easier than ever before. Quickly work in any style you choose Anime Studio Debut includes a Beginner's Mode, allowing you to quickly make yourself familiar with the program. Anime Studio comes with a content library full of ready-to-use cartoon characters, props, video, and sounds so you can start creating your own animations right away. Tutorials and sample files show you how to maximize Anime Studio's powerful features giving you the jump needed from your first project onwards. View Video To get started, sketch your original art, scan it, import graphics or draw using your mouse or tablet. If you use a pen tablet, you can recreate the sensation of drawing on paper. A variety of customizable brush styles make creating original artwork a snap. View Video Flexibility and control Vector graphics provide you with both power and flexibility. Create animations using multiple layers and resize your images with no loss in quality. Using Anime Studio's bone rigging system, bring any image to life. Simply point and click to add a skeleton! With Anime Studio, there's no need to create new art for each individual frame as you animate. Just adjust the bones to your desired position and the program will generate the movement for you. It's that easy! View Video Setting your movements to a timeline makes animation easy to understand. Anime Studio will create animations up to two minutes long. Add an audio soundtrack to your animation Add emotion and style to your animations by adding sound. Anime Studio supports WAV, MP3 and AIFF formats. Anime Studio lets you to record your own sound clips right inside the program. Recordings get saved and then automatically added to your timeline for quick lip-synching. View Video Publish for multiple media Output your finished creations directly to YouTube and Facebook or save as popular video, TV, and web formats, including SWF Flash animation files, as well as AVI and Quicktime MOV movie files. View Video Whether you're a digital enthusiast, a newcomer to animation, or if you want to create art for work or fun, Anime Studio provides what you need to create your own animations faster than anything else available! Included Content Save design time and fuel your creative power with the wide variety of content included in Anime Studio. Anime Studio Debut Content Hundreds of sample files make it easy to get up to speed, so you can start creating your own animations quickly. Samples serve as starting points for a project or you can examine samples to learn more about the features and capabilities of Anime Studio. Samples include anime characters, Liz, Jace, Thorn, Anime Boy and Thunder, video files, audio files, backgrounds, animation, characters, scenery and props. View Video More Content at Content Paradise Content Paradise is an online marketplace designed to support artists and designers like you. You can buy and sell 2D and 3D content, audio, and software! From furniture and cars to trees and people, Content Paradise provides tools and materials that get your creative projects done faster. Are you into art, creativity, and digital graphics? Have an interest in making some money or even earning your living doing what you love to do? If that's your dream, Content Paradise can help! Every artist and designer has the opportunity to sell their creations at Content Paradise. Debut Product Features Debut is full of great