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MParser dYb Lite Edition 1.0.0

file size: 675.76 KB

The most powerful and lightweight multimedia parser - MParser dYb

MParser dYb is an easy-to-use media parser to parse and split media files, lightweight but powerful, and it supports most of popular media formats, such as MP3, RA, AAC, FLAC, WAVE etc.

Published by:
7 / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista

MParser dYb allows you to parse or split a audio or video file and save the result into a new media file with the same format. And it allows you to specify start time and end time at any point of the playing duration freely. The new media file extracted from the source file can play perfectly. MParser dYb does not support broken media file.

The Lite Edition is available for download and use at no cost.

Key Features lists as follows: 1. Without any decoder or encoder. The kernel is developped by MParser Team. Having its copyright, it doesn't depend on any other multimedia decoder or encoder(such as FFmpeg, directshow). No need to install any bulky media decoder or encoder. 2. Lossless quality for splitting. MParser dYb won't decode the source file or re-encode the extracted clip when parseing and splitting multmedia file. 3. Supporting most current popular media formats. 4. As fast as copying a file directly, up to 20MB/s. 5. Using less than 16MB RAM memory totally. 6. Executable package only more than 100KB. 7. Supporting for larger than 2GB (Giga Byte) files.