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kisEdit 1.2

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Your website has been made by a website designer but you do want to be able to change texts and images yourself.

This should be very simple because you don't have many computer skills. With Kis-edit this has never been more simple! Kis-edit features: - Very simple text editing directly in your browser. You see your web page as you are used too but now you can type in the text on your page. - Very easy image uploading from your local computer and insertion in the text. Images that are too big are automatically resized. - You do not need any knowledge about HTML, up-and downloading, re sizing images etc. What You See Is What You Get, comparable to Microsoft Word. Everyone who has a basic still in Word can also work directly with Kis-edit. With Kis-edit you maintain existing web pages. New pages you gladly delegate to your website designer. - Pages can be edited safely because a section in the page has been marked as modifiable. This prevents the accidental destruction of the page structure. - Kis-edit is installed on the web server on with your website runs. This usually is a server of you hosting provider. So Kis-edit will not be installed on your local computer so it doesn't matter weather your computer is running on Windows, Linux or is a Mac.

Try Kis-edit for free during 60 days. Free installation service: a Vaita employee installs Kis-edit for free on your web server