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DiviFile 1.0.7

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Do you maintain a set of folders for organizing your documents?

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7 / Vista / 8

<p>Do you maintain a set of folders for organizing your documents? Another set for arranging your Favorites? And yet another set of folders and categories in Microsoft Outlook for notes and emails? What a mess! Wouldn't it be nice to have a tool that can bring together all these otherwise disparate pieces of information and allow you to organize them under one set of categories in one place? <b>DiviFile</b> lets you do just that! It serves as a hub for all information pertinent to your life, and it lets you get maximum mileage from every category you create. Using DiviFile's unique features, you can create your own organizational system that is personally intuitive and then use <i>instant search</i> to find the information you need when you need it.</p> <img src="screenshot-multiown2.gif" style="float:right; clear:both; margin-left:10px; margin-bottom:10px"/> <p><b>DiviFile</b> is a: <ul> <li>File-tagging utility</li> <li>Bookmark manager</li> <li>Note-taking tool</li> <ul><li>Research Assistant</li><li>Peripheral Brain</li><li>Tracker of random bits of information</li></ul> <li><b>You decide</b>: <a class="link" href="">Tell us</a> what other information you want integrated with DiviFile</li> </ul></p> <p>The single set of categories in DiviFile are called <b>Topics</b> and the items they contain are called <b>Organizables</b>. You can drag-and-drop an organizable whether it be a file, bookmark, or note from one topic to another. Dropping it into another topic will associate it with the new topic without severing its link to the present one. This allows you to "tag" an organizable with multiple topics. Related topics (other owners of the items contained by a topic) appear as italicized sub-categories as seen in the screen shot on the right. Clicking on a related topic will display those items that belong to both the related topic and its parent.</p>