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eYeMan is a remote PC controlling software that can be used across a Windows LAN in order to supervise, watch and control remotely the other PCs from a Master PC.

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7 / XP / Vista

eYeMan software works over a LAN and offers the ability to one PC (the Master) to control the other PCs (the Slaves).

The software consists of two parts: the controlling program that must be installed on the Master and the listening program that must be installed on the Slaves.

Master can perform the following tasks:

1. Lock/Unlock one or many slaves. Lock means the slave's keyboard and mouse are disabled and the screen displays a fullscreen window. There is NO WAY for the slaves's user to overcome the Lock situation. He can only press the ON/OFF button to shutdown/hibernate/standby the PC (if try to restart/wake/boot up etc, then the PC starts in Locked mode again...)

2. View slave's screen. Take a screenshot of slave's monitor or watch live his screen.

3. View processes running on slave and kill selected processes.

4. Prevent programs from running on slaves. You can select all browsers and/or all media players or you can specify the programs to prevent from running.

5. Shutdown slaves remotely.

6. Send a message to one or more locked slaves.