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Sorterox 1.0.1b1

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<b>Sorterox</b> is the <b>simple</b> way to <b>sort</b>, <b>organize</b> and <b>copy</b> hundreds or thousands of your files and folders with a <b>single</b> Drag-and-Drop using <b>your own rules</b>.<br><br> <p> In the daily work flow there are too many files to sort, copy and backup, when organizing photos for your website, blog, and backups, when duplicating files and folders, making copies of audio and image files for your iPad, iPod or iPhone, and when you want to organize your downloaded files.

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21 Days
10.5 / 10.6 / OS X / 10.7 / 10.8
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Why spend valuable time sorting, moving and copying each item by hand?<br><br> <p> Use <b>Sorterox</b> to <b>sort</b>, <b>organize</b>, <b>copy</b> and <b>backup</b> hundreds or thousands of files and folders with a single drag-and-drop.<br><br> <p> <b>Features:</b><br> <ul><li> <b>Sorts</b>, <b>organizes</b> and <b>copies</b> your files <b>automatically</b> into the right folder with a <b>powerful engine</b>, making your daily work flow easier.<br>You no longer need to move or copy each file by hand. Put all your files in only <b>one folder</b> and Sorterox sorts and organizes them into <b>different folders</b> for you. <p> <li><b>Sorts</b> and <b>organizes</b> your files and folders dependent on the <b>rules</b> which you create for your <b>own needs</b> and <b>priorities</b>. <p> <li>The <b>Auto Sort engine</b> sorts and organizes files inside the source folders <b>automatically</b> in the <b>background</b> and logs the sorting process in a <b>log file</b>. <br>It can <b>monitor</b> two source folders <b>simultaneous</b> in background. <li>In order to sort and organize <b>different</b> file types into <b>different</b> folders, create a <b>Rule</b> for each file type. Creating more than one rule for a file type let you sort the same file type in different folders when you use keywords or file date created or modified. <li>The </b>powerful sorting engine</b> allows you to <b>sort</b> and <b>organize</b> files by <b>file type</b> and <b>keywords</b>. <li>Additional it can <b>limit</b> the sorting process by <b>file date created</b> and <b>modified</b>. <li>If needed, it creates a <b>new folder</b> for <b>each day</b>, <b>month</b> or <b>year</b> and puts the files into the folder. <li>Supports <b>drag-and-drop</b>. An <b>intelligent Drag-and-Drop engine</b> makes the application easy to use. Drop as many files as you want or a folder that contains <b>hundreds</b> or <b>thousands</b> of files to the main window or to the application icon to sort, copy and backup your files and folders. <li>When you drop files or folders on the Sorterox application icon, Sorterox starts up and immediately begins the job. If the checkbox "Quit after Job" is checked in the preferences, Sorterox will <b>quit automatically</b> after the job is finished. </ul> Sorterox offers several additional options to optimize the sorting process.