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Job2Do is a distributed, cross-platform job scheduling ("batch") system that allows you to easily and visually define jobs, dependencies, and schedules.

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Console / X11

Job2Do was designed for small to medium-sized businesses having sophisticated software automation needs. You can run hundreds of jobs on a single machine or distribute them over many machines across your LAN/WAN. Job2Do also runs on Windows and Macintosh machines, so you can create a cohesive, coordinated batch across a heterogeneous network. As long as your script or binary is command line-accessible, then you can schedule it in Job2Do. In addition to supporting command line jobs, Job2Do comes with several useful built-in jobs such as FTP, file watcher, GZip/GUnzip, Email, and job definition XML export/import. Job2Do supports custom holiday calendars, allowing you prevent jobs from running on certain days. And if you need to process daily file-based data feeds where the date is embedded in the file name, Job2Do provides parameterized command lines that automatically substitute date variables with correctly formatted date strings for the current or previous business/calendar day. Job2Do provides many of the features of expensive, "enterprise" job scheduling systems in a lightweight freeware package.