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FrostWire Download Thruster 2.3.0

file size: 4.17 MB

FrostWire Download Thruster is a condensed plug-in that manages to horde in its lite architecture some powerful features designed to foster new high levels of speed for your downloads.

The program is an efficient p2p accelerator that adds a considerable growth to your peer connections, searching results, and download speeds through a bandwidth management system automatically personalized for each user depending on his or her Internet connection. For those using FrostWire for downloading large files via p2p networks, we recommend FrostWire Download Thruster to add a plus of speed to your download process. Its fundamental attributes reside in the competence with which it combats sluggish downloads, interrupted connections and traffic congestion being at the same time very reduced in size and having the lowest resource consumption you can hope for. FrostWire Download Thruster comes with the following features: Finished and invalid files are removed automatically; Paused and interrupted downloads are resumed automatically; Searching is considerably improved through the addition of more download sources; Internt connection is optimized through a special self-configuring system; Extended info about the download process are easily monitored in the main window; Configuration from last run is automatically preserved and loads on start-up by default; The interface is easy to work with and operable by a system tray icon.