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SEO SpyGlass Enterprise 6.2.9

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The updated version of SEO SpyGlass provides you with a detailed insight into your competitors' link building strategies.

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Looking for a perfect backlink checker to see who is linking to your competitors? Try SEO SpyGlass - as perfect as it gets! If it were the Oscars, what categories could backlink checkers get nominated in? (1) Backlink checker with THE MOST EXHAUSTIVE DATA SEO SpyGlass collects backlink intelligence not only from 412 search engine sources, but also uses an own extensive database of BLs - something no other backlink checker does. (2) Backlink checker with THE MOST SEO METRICS SEO SpyGlass tells you all you wanted to know about the sites linking to your competition: their age, IP and PR, their Compete and Alexa scores, their presence in online directories - over 50 metrics total, which is more than any other BL checker can do! (3) Backlink checker reporting THE MOST SOCIAL SIGNALS What about each linking domain's social media profile? The SEO tool will tell you how popular each referring site is on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Digg, Diigo, Stumbleupon, Delicious, and so on - more social metrics that any backlink checker collects. (4) Backlink checker that 'SPEAKS' THE MOST LANGUAGES SEO SpyGlass has been fully translated into 8 tongues and allows for complete localization of all the backlink reports it provides. (5) Backlink checker that offers THE MOST FLEXIBILITY SEO SpyGlass lets you slice and dice it any way you want: fully customizable reports, the scheduling of tasks, the ability to edit workspaces - utmost flexibility unleashed. Still in doubt? Try it out! Test the might of the industry's #1 backlink checker today and overtake your competitors at ease! Hit Download now.