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Rank Tracker Enterprise 6.16.4

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In just minutes, Rank Tracker by Link-Assistant.Com will let you see where your site ranks in 314 (!) search engines for hundreds of keywords.

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Tired of rank checking tools that return inaccurate data? Get Rank Tracker by Link-Assistant.Com - the SEO industry's #1 keyword tracker! Rank Tracker is: A) ACCURATE. It tracks actual, real-time rankings in 314 local and global SEs. At the same time, by using advanced search settings (language, city, region, country, Safe Search filter, etc.), one can see rankings relevant to the target audience in a particular location. B) BEWILDERINGLY FEATURE-RICH. Rank Tracker is integrated with such services as Google Analytics (traffic stats), Google AdWords Keyword Tool, SEMRush, WordTracker, Google/Bing/Yahoo autocomplete - just to name a few. C) COMPETITIVE. Rank Tracker lets you track rankings of up to 10 websites side by side. It also records each website's over-time ranking progress and builds visual graphs to help you estimate it at a glance. Impressive SEO reports are also available. D) DIRECT. Rank Tracker is extremely straightforward: it's equipped with countless software wizards, has plain-English instructions and cost-free support. A newbie and a savvy SEO manager can use it with equal ease. E) EFFECTIVE! Above all, Rank Tracker really works! It does check rankings and provides you with keyword ideas - FAST! Moreover, Rank Tracker has a built-in scheduler using which you can check rankings, produce SEO reports as well as email and publish them to the Web completely on auto-pilot! So, what are you waiting for? See of what huge help Rank Tracker is! Begin your free trial today - hit Download.