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Rank Tracker Enterprise 7.0.2

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In just minutes, Rank Tracker by Link-Assistant.Com will let you see where your site ranks in 314 (!) search engines for hundreds of keywords.

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Are you looking for an efficient and reliable SEO tool to check rankings with? Try Rank Tracker! IDEAL for those who want to save time on rank checks and PERFECT for SEO managers who have to report to clients! See what this extremely feature-rich and highly intuitive SEO software can do for you: 1. Rank Tracker will track rankings any way you want: from a specific location (adds Google's gl parameter), by considering Universal Search results (Images, Videos, etc.), by scanning the SERPs to locate multiple URLs that rank for the same keyword, and more! 2. It will record your rankings ups and downs and accompany them with green and red arrows, for you to see the full picture at a glance. 3. Besides, Rank Tracker lets you track the rankings of competing websites side by side with yours! 4. It offers 6 kinds of uber-visual and clear-cut SEO reports that can be used to demonstrate your day's work to clients. 5. Rank Tracker is integrated with Google Analytics and pulls traffic and bounce rates stats from it to display along with your rankings data. 6. Rank checks and report generation can be scheduled to save you time and sweats. 7. Deliver rankings reports straight to your client's door - use the auto-email or the auto-publish feature. So, what are you waiting for? See of what great help Rank Tracker is - get the FREE version and start using it today!