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Netman Enterprise 4.50

file size: 4.08 MB

Netman Enterprise: Control multiple computers at a time with a wide range of functions available.

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Trial Period:
30 Days
7 / 98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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File Management: Manage files in controlled computer; upload, download files; resume transmission at break-points and run files remotely, so as to save your time and resources. Screen Sharing: You can view partner's screen, assist remotely, control his mouse and keyboard, take pictures of the screen and record activities of the screen. Fast controlling speed and smooth pictures transformation will offer you a wonderful experience of remote access. Video Conversation: Video connect with controlled computer, take pictures and record movements of video, video chat. System Controlling: Master processes and active window, start other computers in the same LAN with controlled computer. Restart/Shutdown: Restart, logout or shutdown chosen controlled computer. Remote Uninstall: Remote uninstall controlled computer's Netman Enterprise Edition's controlled terminal program. Broadcast: Control mass of computers simultaneously, chat, restart, shutdown in batches etc. File Distribution: Achieve to distribute electronic files to mass of computers simultaneously. Screen Wall: Monitor mass of computers' screen simultaneously, able to switch to one controlled computer's screen. Video Wall: Watch plenty of computers' video simultaneously.