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Nitro Proxy Server Accelerator 6 Release 30

file size: 1.62 MB

Nitro internet proxy server costs less than the cost of a cup of coffee each month, and the accelerator can save you money on expensive excess data charges, provide secure internet proxy services and improve performance.

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30 Days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95

If you live in a country that restricts your internet access, then Nitro Proxy Server is for you. Countries around the world restrict access to the internet. So, if you want your freedom, then you need Nitro. ISPs around the region often charge you for a quota of data. After it runs out, you are charged on a per mb basis, which can run into hundreds of dollars each month. With the move to mobile broadband using 3G, 4G and beyond, Telco companies will continue to find ways of charging for their data, and for expensive excess data charges - US.