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LinkAssistant Professional 4.12.1

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Imagine you looking for quality links in 750 search engines?

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You'd lose your time (and mind), but luckily there is a way to find thousands of quality links quickly and efficiently - with LinkAssistant. You may wonder, what makes LinkAssistant the link building tool of choice for over 12,000 webmasters worldwide? - It could be its killer partner search features, letting you - Search for sites with submission forms- a sure sign those sites are doing link exchange and will be more than happy to exchange links with you. - Find all the sites that already link to you - a great way to start building your link partner list. - Dig up competitors' link providers - since they may well link up to you and boost Your site rankings. - Find which sites target same keywords as you - this way you build links (and relationships) with webmasters genuinely interested in your site's niche. - Harvest links from a specific URL or domain - an ideal method to mine link data on a specific page or site: what links and link directories are on there, what anchor text is used and a bunch of other interesting facts.

- It could be its built-in mail client letting you send link exchange invites in one click and conveniently manage your link partner correspondence directly through LinkAssistant.

- It could also be because it creates link exchange directories matching your site's design and easily uploads them to your site.

- Or perhaps it's because of the tool's built-in browser letting you quickly preview link directories and see exactly how the link appears on the link partner page - right inside LinkAssistant.

- Or maybe it is LinkAssistant's link partner verification feature letting you easily check if your link partners are truly linking back, alerting you SEO tricks like JavaScripts, frames, redirects, robots.txt files and "nofollow" tags for links. Whatever it is, LinkAssistant gets the link building job done. Load it up on your PC, Linux or Mac, and see for yourself.